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Hello, my name is Jason and I'm the owner and writer of SelfConfidence.com. My goal with this website is to use my experience as a person interested in the field of self-improvement and create a course based upon my own experiences that I believe can be helpful and useful in your own life and day to day building of your own self-confidence! The free course that I've put together here incorporates skills that I've found to be most impactful throughout my life, as well as some techniques that I've developed and found useful in setting goals and building up confidence in a number of different areas of life, whether it be a business goal, social goal, or something much deeper and spiritual. I truly hope you find this information helpful in your own life and wish you success and achievement in the areas you feel led to improve upon and build your confidence in!

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There's always room for improvement so if you have an idea, method, or suggestion that you think would be of help to others, be sure to stop by the contact page and let me know about it.

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