STEP 5 of 12: Affirmations to Build Self Confidence

Affirmations are simply statements that you declare to be true. They can be extremely powerful tools in helping to get your new, opposite statements to stick in your mind! If your old statement was "I can't do this!" then your opposite would be "I can do this!", or "I am capable of dominating this task!". There are a number of different variations you could use, but what's most important is that you feel emotionally moved by your statement. Then to help your opposite statements stick as a positive affirmation, you can simply repeat the sentence over and over again, either in your mind, but more importantly out loud! Really feel it!

And if you're having difficulty in believing this new statement or feeling moved by it, you can repeat the statement aloud while exercising, or listening to one of your favorite songs which already makes you feel empowered when you hear it. You can use these other things that already make you feel enabled to encourage that feeling while making your new statements!

Your Task:

Make some affirmations for yourself! Usually these statements are short and powerful. So based upon some of your new opposites from the previous exercises, what are some short and powerful affirmations you can use that will stick in your mind and can be repeated over and over again to encourage new beliefs:


There is also a powerful affirmation tool that I discovered and began using a few years ago, long before I started this website. It is a software program called ThinkRightNow. What this software does is quite simple, and through the power of repetition, I believe it has had a profound impact on re-iterating my own empowering statements to myself. The way it works is that it will display messages (which you can create yourself) on your computer screen while you work, and those statements will display at repeated intervals. You can allow them to display for as long as a half second, or at faster ratios. Even at the fastest level, I'm still able to catch a glimpse of what each of my affirmations say. So, you can set these messages to be seen on a conscious level, or a slightly faster, more subconscious level. Unlike subliminal audio programs (which I will examine later and have controversial studies as to their effectiveness) that completely mask sound, or record messages below audible levels, these visual messages can be consciously perceived, and you can choose whatever you'd like them to say. It's an interesting tool, and one that I've found personally useful in my own life to keep my current affirmations fresh in my mind and real in my life through their repetition.

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