Building Self Confidence: From The Inside Out
A Free Online Course From SelfConfidence.com

Welcome to the free SelfConfidence.com online course. My goal with this course is to help you identify the areas where you lack self-confidence and become more aware of why you believe what you do about yourself. We’ll take a look at a number of different techniques and strategies we can use to help us start modifying our inward beliefs so that our outward actions naturally begin to flow in more confident ways. You need to set aside some time to go through each section in this online course though, and participate in the actual “Your Task” sections at the end of each step. I hope you find the information useful in building a newer you that is more confident in your existing talents and abilities, and even more empowered in developing some new ones where you feel led. This course will be broken up into 12 sessions. Below is an overview of what you can expect:

Step 1: What is Self-Confidence?
Step 2: Where does it come from? The Power of Belief.

Step 3: Understand where you currently are and why you believe it.
Step 4: Understand where you want to be and what beliefs you’ll need to get there.
Step 5: Create some poweful affirmations, repeat them, and feel them.
Step 6: Use vivid Imagery to make your new beliefs a part of expected situations in the future.
Step 7: What’s all the buzz about subliminal audio tapes? Do they really work?
Step 8: Hynotherapy and Meditation as confidence building techniques.

Step 9: Use mock walk-throughs to physically practice self-confidence in future situations.
Step 10: Identify and alter your daily habits like dress and posture to feel more confident.

Step 11: Finding a solid foundation to build upon.
Step 12: Your daily goal session to monitor progress and build confidence.

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