STEP 3 of 12: Where You Are Right Now -Areas To Improve!

Ok, to start, let's see where we already are. Here we need to list the areas where we would like to develop more self-confidence in. I began the chart below with a public speaking example, a very common area where most of us at least have some degree of difficulty being completely confident in. The first part is simple, in the left-hand column just list all of the areas you want to improve in. This should be quite easy as these are the reasons you came here in the first place! First, either print this page out, or write this down on a piece of paper.

Area To Improve
Thoughts & Beliefs
Confidence Rating
Example: Public Speaking

I get very nervous.
I can't make eye contact.
People don't want to hear me speak.
I could stutter my words.
Because I've done poorly in the speeches I've given as far back as I can remember.
Because everyone will be judging me when I stand up there.
If I perform badly I could lose my job!



Once you've got your list of areas to improve upon, then next to each one, write down the reasons why you believe yourself to lack self-confidence in it. For example, in public speaking, you might always think in your head, "What if I screw this up, I could lose my job!" And by thinking that thought over and over again, you're presupposing the consequences of a negative result. Do you think that thinking through and feeling beliefs like the examples listed below will cause that person to feel completely confident when they go to give a big speech? It simply can't happen because of what's already presupposed in that person's mind. We need to work at changing these things! Take a few moments and think through those deeply rooted or routine beliefs you go through in order to determine you're "not good" in that particular area.

Once you've listed everything in the first two columns, then just for an overall way to measure your progress, in the third column, rate your current level of confidence in that area. We can use this as a gauge to monitor progress! Next, now that we are aware of where we currently are, let's determine where we want to eventually be.

Your Task:

Print Out the chart above, or take out a pen and paper and create the same chart you see above. Fill it in with the areas you want to improve upon, all the reasons why you think you lack self-confidence in each area, and an overall rating of your confidence level. Finish this task before continuing on!

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