STEP 10 of 12: Daily Habits & Actions - Dress for Success?

Most online articles about self-confidence place their main focus on surface level actions or daily habits to boost your self-confidence. While I do believe that these should occur more naturally as a result of your new inner beliefs, they can still have their place in helping you to believe those new statements about yourself. Some articles say to "walk faster" and you will be more confident! Because confident people are busy and they have a lot of things to do, so just by walking faster you will be more confident! Now is that true? In most cases just walking faster, is probably not going to have a strong enough impact to change your entire life around.

However, let's say you've been struggling with a disability that has impaired your ability to move around. Say you have had to get used to walking extremely slowly to get around, and this has caused you to feel a lack of self-confidence anytime you're trying to walk somewhere. Would suddenly being able to speed walk to the grocery store and down the isles cause you to feel a great deal of confidence? Most certainly it would! To that person, this one particular area or ability is one that had a huge amount of impact and meaning to them. So I don't want to completely discard these surface level ideas, because each person is impacted in completely different ways by different things. The most important part, is for you to discover what means the most to you, and work towards those changes accordingly.

Some of the other result-oriented actions that have been suggested are to pay attention to how you dress. Well if you think that wearing that latest trendy outfit is going to make you feel more confident, well then it probably will! If you take some time to think, you can probably come up with a number of great habits or actions you could take that you know to you, will make you feel more confident. Take some time right now, and think through some of these things. They can be a powerful way to reassure yourself daily of your new opposite beliefs, imagery, and mock walk-throughs.

Your Task:

What Daily Habits or Actions can you take that will cause you to feel more confident in yourself? Maybe having a buffer body? Maybe dressing slimmer? Or how about taking that energy drink in the afternoon so you don't feel drained after lunch? Think and write down some of the daily habits and actions you can take that you know would mean something to you, and will ultimately cause you to feel more confidence in the areas you know you are lacking.


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