STEP 8 of 12: Hypnotherapy and Meditation

Hypnosis can be a very powerful tool in bringing about a physical change. According to wikipedia, research has especially shown the effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a treatment in disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, pain management, and psycho-somatic disorders. Generally hypnosis tends to be more effective only when the recipient believes they will be hypnotized, and are willing to be suggestable to the hypnotizer. Again, that basic belief in wanting it to work, and willingness to let it work, seem to be present when positive results from this method shown. I personally have no experience with a certified hypnotherapist, but believe they can be powerful tools in creating change. There is also an extreme risk you are taking when you are willing to let someone else suggest to you what you will now feel and believe though. This can be extremely dangerous, especially from a spiritual perspective if you have built up firmly rooted beliefs and values, and do not wish to put yourself at risk of being suggested something other than what you can consciously filter through your mind and determine if you should agree with or not. Nonetheless, if you are still intrigued by this type of method, you can simply pull out your local phonebook and get a list of hypnotists in your local area. Again, be careful though!

Alternatively, there are also a number of websites that offer self-hypnosis audios or guided meditations. I have used some of these myself, and have found them to be somewhat beneficial. I'm not sure if a guided hypnosis or meditation on audio tape can truly alter your state of consciousness like a live person could, but I have found such audios to be moderately helpful in at least relaxing my body to get more in touch with my deeper self, and ultimately get in touch with what I want to direct myself towards working on in my life; whether that be creating greater self confidence, or becoming more spiritually aware. Through using these self-hypnosis and guided meditations you can at least put your mind in a more calm and receptive state for accepting your own suggestions.

Your Task:

1. Do you believe in-person hypnosis can benefit you? If so, and you believe its for you, pull out your phone book and find a local, reputable hypnotist.

2. Do you want to learn more about self-hypnosis and guided meditation techniques? If so, you can try learning from such online stores as HypnosisDirect.com.

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