"The Importance of Imagination" - 06/23/2009

Hello fellow SelfConfidence.com visitors! I decided to write an article here on something that I believe is extremely important and relevant to most of the techniques and ideas presented in the online course. You see, in order to make any kind of change or take any kind of action in your life, you must first imagine that taking place on the inside. If you want to take control of the reigns in your life and actively work towards more confidence or achieving better results in any area, you must decide or imagine it happening first in your mind. Imagining these things through thinking and feeling is the precursor to creating a physical result.

Think about it. If Thomas Edison didn't think it was possible to create artificial light, would he have invented the light bulb? You see, he had to first believe and then imagine ways that artificial light could be invented. And the answer didn't just fall out the sky and into his lap! He had to work for a long time with great persistence before what he had imagined in his head finally became a physical result. Thanks to his imagination, we now all have the benefit of the light bulb. He could not have achieved this if he didn't first believe it was possible in his mind, and then imagine ways that it could be done. Similarly, achieving new results in our own lives requires using our imagination to alter our thoughts and feelings and point them in a new direction. We must be open to being creative and thinking of scenarios other than what we already know and are familiar with, otherwise we will continue to experience the same results over and over again.

If you're not naturally creative or imaginative, then there's still good news! There are plenty of books, films, and other devices out there that you can use to put yourself in a state where your thoughts and feelings are directed towards your desired result. Are you having trouble coming up with affirmations to audibly help train your mind, well good news! You can simply use the internet to search and come up with thousands of affirmations others have already come up with through their imaginations. You can find the ones that speak most loudly to you in your own life if you are having trouble coming up with some on your own.

Or how about with the "imagery" and "mock walk throughs"? Are you having difficulty envisioning confident scenarios in your mind? Again, not a problem! You can simply watch a movie that you know you can relate to and will help you feel more confident while you're watching it. Maybe it's an action movie that you have always loved, and you can relate to that character and how unstoppable he/she is in all that they do! Simply watch that movie to put yourself in a more confident frame of mind. While you're feeling confident and watching that film, then start to think of how that specifically can relate to your own life. Maybe there is some particular image or clip from the movie that you know makes you feel especially empowered when you see or hear it; focus on that. Take a strong mental note of it and remember to picture and feel that moment in your head when you need more confidence in your own life.

The bottom line is, we can't expect to get beyond our current level of habits and actions unless we first "imagine" a new result. The affirmations, imagery, and mock walk-throughs are extremely helpful, but you do need to get a little creative in order to come up with something that feels especially empowering in your own life. Again, if you're having trouble doing that on your own, then take advantage of the countless book, movies, songs, art that are already out there as the result of someone else's creativity. Whatever speaks most loudly to you and causes you think and feel in a more confident way, is something you will want to add to your own little empowering arsenal of images, sounds, and words. You can then use these and focus on them any time you want to encourage a more self-confident persona in your day to day actions.

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