STEP 9 of 12: Mock Walk-Throughs

You can even take your imagery that was purely in thought, and make it even more real to yourself! I call these experiences "mock walk-throughs". Simply put, this is just the imagery you saw and lived out in your head in the physical world. For example, if you want to confidently ask for a raise at work, you may want to practice that in real life by talking to a lamp, stool, or anything else you want to pretend is your boss. This sounds absolutely silly and definitely is something that works best in private (unless they're really close family who will understand), but the results can be very powerful. This is perhaps one of the most real ways to practice or live through your new results and make them believable to yourself before you have to face the situation.

This can also be incredibly powerful when preparing for a speech or other presentation. In fact, most people naturally practice their speeches before they have to give them. Why do you think that is? Because by practicing the results they want to achieve, and living them out the way they want them to be in advance, it creates a greater likelihood of those very results being what they will actually get. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "Practice makes perfect!" Well I don't know if I agree that it will make you perfect, but from my experience, it certainly increases the likelihood of your expected outcome!

If you're a creative person, this should come naturally for you, and you can probably have a lot of fun with it! If you've got close friends or family who would enjoy playing along, then all the better! No one would think it's absurd to practice a speech, so what's wrong with practicing other outcomes you'd like to experience? Whether it be mustering the courage to go up and talk to that special someone, or just overcoming some other fear that has been holding you back from truly experiencing the confidence you know you deserve to have!

Your Task:

Think right now, what is one thing you can do a mock walk-through of? What's a situation that you’re feeling limited in and want to practice becoming more confident in? What props will you use to practice it? And most importantly, when will you actually practice it? Try it right now! Or if not right now, schedule the exact time you will try it and make yourself stick to it! For right now though, write down your mock walk-through plan for 1 situation that you know has been holding you back.

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