Self-Confidence Products!

At this point there are a couple of self-confidence building aids out there that I am willing to mention here. Remember these and any other products are things you can use in addition to reinforcing your inner belief and drive to want to change and build up some area of your life. From my experience, you still need to work at things yourself, but they can be helpful aids:

Affirmation Software - ThinkRightNow

As mentioned in the affirmations section of the online course, I've used this software personally for years to help reinforce my own affirmations and positive beliefs. What I truly like about this software is that you can customize it yourself, to use whatever statements you feel are most powerful and meaning to you. Those statements will then flash on your computer screen while you work. It can be set to flash your statements extremely quickly from (1 millisecond) for up to half a second (500 milliseconds), so you can clearly set your statements to be seen on a more conscious level.

Guided Hypnosis Sessions - HypnosisDownloads.com

This website offers downloads of guided hypnosis sessions that can be used for a number of different situations. I have also tried guided hypnosis / mediation audios like these myself, and found them to be a good aid in preparing my body to relax and become more meditative and receptive. However, if you're looking for something like a full, hypnotic trance that is something that I have not experienced merely from a pre-recorded, generic audio session. There are real living hypnotherapists that can help you with that. But like I said, I have found them to be a great supplement in setting the stage in my body for a deeper awareness. Ultimately though, I would focus on using some of the relaxing techniques to be able to put your own self in a deeper state on your own so that you can direct yourself using the statements of change that you already know are most powerful, motivating, and meaningful to you individually.


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