STEP 7 of 12: The Deeper Mind - What About Subliminals?

Taking imagery one step deeper in the mind, there are tools that can influence change in an even greater way. Are we talking about magical sounds and backwards subliminal messages? No. In fact, I have yet to find any significant evidence or valid studies that prove the effectiveness of subliminal messages. To read a more thorough write-up on subliminal messages, read this wikipedia article on subliminal messages.

The efforts we will continue to focus on for the next couple sections all involve a deeper level of your mind, but only with things you can still sense on some level. Most subliminal tapes often state that you will only hear music and that the recorded messages are only perceivable by your subconscious mind. However, I have yet to personally find a study with convincing enough results as to their effectiveness. There are some, but the studies that I have seen were usually small. What I do think can create an impact are tools that work on a deeper level, but are still consciously perceivable on some level. This typically means audio or visual routines that contain repetitive suggestions that you WANT to believe to begin with. I believe perhaps the most important part to such tools ever resulting in a benefit, is if you truly believe and your desires are in alignment with that which is being suggested. This is no different than the affirmations which we covered earlier, only they will be suggested to you in a more rapid, and automatic way, but one that is still perceivable, either audibly or visually, only on a very slightly conscious level. What seems to be most effective here, are things that are already slightly perceivable to the senses, or right on the verge of being slightly perceivable. That is, information that is presented in a way that you might not recognize immediately, but you would if you were looking for it. This would be something right in that zone of borderline subconscious-conscious.

The following study below discusses how slightly subconscious repetition can influence our more conscious decisions. In the study each day for 30 days, participants viewed a screen and performed a task while dots appeared to move randomly in the background. However, there was a slight directional pattern to the dots movement that was thought to be slightly below the consciously perceived level while they were performing the task. At the end of the 30 days, the participants were shown screens with the dots moving, only they were made to be slightly more noticeable on a conscious level. It turns out the participants who had the slightly subconscious patterns displaying throughout the 30 days were much more likely to pick out the pattern when it was displayed at a slightly more conscious level. The director of the study also points out that he dismisses most subliminal tape claims that do not have some kind of information presented in at least a slightly perceivable way to begin with. More information on this study can be found here.

So conscious repetition can only serve to make us more aware of our affirmations, either auditorily, or visually. However, super-subliminal tapes with nothing that can actually be perceived leave much more room for skepticism. Again, that’s not to say there haven’t been some small studies that have shown some effectiveness with them, and that's not to say that everyone who tries them will never see positive results. However, like most other things in life, and as our placebo effect from before shows us, if you believe something will work, it is more likely to work! Belief is that simple and powerful! If you're convinced these things can help you, then it might not hurt to do your own research, and consider giving it a try. Just be aware that most studies show more effectiveness with things that are only slightly below the conscious threshold but still perceivable if you were to pay attention to them, or consciously perceivable to begin with.

Your Task:

Do you believe subliminal tapes will work for you? If not, there's nothing more to do here. If you still think they could be beneficial for you despite the controversy, then when and from where will you get a subliminal tape to try out?

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